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We manufacture wide variety of Gears. Ranging from 10mm to 800mm. 

  • Spur Gear

  • Helical Gear 

  • Worm Gear

  • Pinion Gear

  • Rack Gear

  • Bevel Gear

  • Meter Gear

  • Screw Gear


We provide professional services in all fields of lathe and turning  machining.

  • Shaft machining

  • Spare parts machining

  • Milling machining

  • CNC maching

  • Die and moulds maching

Machinery Spare Parts 

Manufacture of all types of machinery and industrial equipment spare parts, tools and their accessories.

  • Industrial Spare parts

  • Kitchen Equipment Spare parts

  • Fire Systems Spare parts

  • Marine Spare parts

Punch and Die

We manufacture all types of High quality punches and dies ranging in all sizes and shapes.

  • Round Punch and Die set

  • Oval Punch and Die set

  • Square Punch and Die set

  • Rectangular Punch and Die set

Steel Products and Fabrication

Mass production of various kinds of steel products(SS, Brass,Copper and aluminum) and equipment 

  • Building Material Steel Supplies & Products

  • Marine Steel fabrications

  • Tools,Bolts and Screws Manufacturing

  • Stands, brackets, poles and many more

  • Cable tray

Steel Cutting Services 

We Offer Simple and Complex Steel Cutting Services Based On our customers needs. Our machine is able to cut: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass. We are Capable to Cut Steel Upto 100 MM in thickness

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